Wednesday, November 20, 2019

EMERGENCY assignment for the subject Accounting and Management. Writer Essay

EMERGENCY assignment for the subject Accounting and Management. Writer MUST be ON TIME. Writer needs to send me outline or some ideas before start working - Essay Example Knowing management and its ultimate test would allow us to evaluate the authors’ statement. It has been said that every organization requires the making of decisions by difference people in organizations, the coordinating of activities, the handling of people by those given the power and the evaluation of performance directed toward group activities.2 Such activities could be called management and its ultimate test of its success could be found in the â€Å"actual, long-run performance and operation results in the competitive market.†3 This success could only come through the efforts of people which should induce one to say that management does not operate in isolation with people. In management, some need to be leaders and some need to be followers to bring the organization into attaining its objectives in serving the interest of the community. Hence the concept of organizational culture is also an indispensable topic in the development of management theory. How do we appraise management then? How can we say whether management may be doing what it is suppose to achieve? The simple answer to this is that they must be bringing to people in attaining organizational objectives which are measurable. The actions of such successful management must influence or encourage others to follow their foot steps. They must impel people to action. This precisely was the finding of Peters and Waterman in their book ‘In Search for Excellence.’ This impels us therefore to know these attributes that characterized successful companies according to Peters and Waterman and from which we could learned. Massie summarized them as follows: (1) they are action oriented. (2) They are close to the customer. (3) They seek autonomy and emphasize entrepreneurship. (4) They focus in production through people. (5) They emphasize underlying values and try to use values in practice. (6) The â€Å"stick